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empuxa is a remotely working consulting and software agency. We innovate ideas and products of forward-thinking brands and companies through idea validation, iterative design processes and agile software development.

’empuxa’ is the Galician word for ’to push something forward’.
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Build your products the most efficient way possible: With empuxa.

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Software Development

Software development is so much more than just the final product. Our wonderful developers think ahead, write carefully crafted code, and ensure reliable development at all levels of a product.
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IT Consultancy

We help forward-thinking companies develop and improve products and ideas by guiding them through agile development. Together we build the right thing right and do not leave your side until the problem is solved and your product successful.
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Product Development

Even the smallest detail can cause a good idea to fail. This is why it is important to understand a project's full scope before rushing into things. A carefully crafted plan saves resources and provides orientation in any project of any size.
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Requirement Engineering

We focus on extensive requirement engineering to identify bottlenecks and pitfalls as early as possible. Minimize risks by taking one controlled step at a time, and start saving time and money right from the start.
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Project Management

For us, solid project management always means controlling and automation in order to keep an eye on all processes, especially in constantly growing and internationalizing projects. For us, project management is the supreme discipline of every long-term maintained project.
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Clients are
Your project is not just another job for us. It means entering a successful partnership with you. Let's learn from each other, and let's create greatness together.
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Iterate to
Even the most successful product launch means merely crossing a temporary finish line. We love to learn from it, and to evolve so that every day we improve a bit more.
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Be agile and
launch fast
Life is fast, so product development has to be even faster. We love technologies that allow for fast, agile, efficient and asynchronous development.

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